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Vital field therapy

In addition to orthodox medicine methods at malacht pediatrics we now offer a concept from the holistic field as well:

Vital field therapy using the Global Diagnostics measurement and treatment system


Areas of application for children and adolescents

Allergies, acute or chronic skin diseases and digestive disorders can be treated with vital field therapy without side-effects providing valuable information while searching for the cause of the symptoms of these diseases.

Especially with diffuse clinical presentations such as suspectibility to infection that cannot be allocated to any cause, this holistic method offers a way to build and strengthen the immune system.

Vital field therapy as supplementation to vaccinations for babies, children and adolescents

malacht pediatrics is Vienna’s first pediatric practice to offer vital field therapy also within the setting of a supplementation to vaccinations (2 treatments).

  1. Preparation with vital field therapy: A few days before vaccination the body’s own vital field is confronted with the frequency patterns of the vaccine. This gives the body the chance to adjust itself to the actual vaccine.
  2. Vaccination support: One week after the vaccination the body’s tolerance to the vaccine is supported with another treatment.

In this video Dr. Christoph Klasen explains the mode of action of vital field therapy and which symptoms it can be applied to. Our vital field therapist shows the simple and free of pain use of the equipment.


Further information regarding the functionality of vital field therapy:


The vital field

Each body emits its own electromagnetic energy field – the vital field, which can be measured with sensitive sensors.
Looking at the body as a whole, it will function well if all cells work in cooperation to fulfill their tasks. If we are healthy all biochemical and biophysical processes interlock and go unnoticed. Small disturbances are usually counterbalanced without problems.

Influence of the environment on our vital field
The measurable vital field is in constant interaction with our environment and reacts with its own frequency patterns to influences that originate in our close surroundings.

It is generally known that electronic equipment (e.g. mobile phones, tablets) emits radiation which can measurably change the aforementioned frequency patterns. But also all substances we come in contact with can influence the vital field of our body, be it for a short time or in the long term in the sense of storage. This is how we explain disturbances that appear in the body, e.g. chronical skin rash, repeatedly occurring pain or other problems where orthodox medicine methods sometimes reach their limits.

Continuous or frequent stress
Orthodox medicine knows for a fact that continuous or repeating situations of stress can change the cell metabolism. Therefore it is self-evident that our vital field can be changed by this as well. Symptoms of disease or pain are the warning signals of the body.

With the help of Global Diagnostics an electromagnetic map of the body’s situation as a whole can be drawn. Even hidden triggers of troubles are identified and considered in the following treatment.

Measuring with the Global Diagnostics…

…takes a few minutes and is appropriate for babies, children, adolescents and adults.

…takes place using two sensitive sensors that are attached to the feet via adhesive electrodes (similar to ECG electrodes).

The measured results are being show in a diagram on a computer. The vital field therapist analyses which parts of the body and organs are well supplied with energy but also where there are strains or deficiencies. Parts of the body that need support will also be noted.

During the following vital field therapy…

…troubled parts of the body are strengthened with specially synchronized frequencies via the vital field.
The body’s metabolism and immune system are being stimulated as well. That way the body’s ability to regulate itself is increased which enables it to react in flexible and adequate ways to its surroundings and easily balance fields of disorder in the future.

In practice the treatment is done lying, sitting or while “playing” and can be complemented with methods from other fields such as acupressure, Bach flowers, aromatherapy.

Duration and number of applications depend on the nature of the symptoms, repeated measurements are not mandatory. With acute symptoms often one impulse of treatment is enough to regain balance. With chronic diseases weekly repetitions over the course of a longer period of time are suggested.