malacht Kinder- und Jugendmedizin

What We Have to Offer

We offer you…

…a wide range of pediatric services.
These include: examinations of newborns and “standbys” during births. We examine your newborn baby at home, prematurity care, examinations and treatments of infants, children and adolescents, vaccinations and counselling, ultrasound, ECG and blood tests using our own on-site laboratory. Home visits if your child has an acute illness. Infusion therapies at our practice. Pediatric anesthetic care and support if sedation or short anesthesia is needed to perform examinations or painful diagnostic procedures. Telephone counselling for parents and teenagers. Special consultation hours for teenagers.

What Awaits You…

…a variety of specializations and therapies: “ALL from one source…”
Consulting and second opinion for planned elective surgeries. Organization of a competent surgical team, pre-anesthesiological consulting and examination, general pediatric examinations, scheduling of surgeries with surgeons of our own multidisciplinary team, postoperative pain management and post surgical care at our practice, special pain therapy, dental interventions under general anesthesia. Furthermore: physiotherapy, movement and gait analysis as well as podotherapy – insoles for children.

Additionally, we devote our attention to the physical as well as the psychological issues in equal manner. This means we use therapies that promise healing or relief. We are happy to combine conventional medicine with alternative treatments.

We Guarantee You…

…a high-quality and holistic treatment for children and adolescents. Our team of committed and experienced medical specialists and therapists provides a comprehensive view of your child or your adolescent including the appropriate paths to healing. We constructively cooperate with stationary and ambulant facilities of national and international institutions to always find the best solution for your concerns.