malacht Kinder- und Jugendmedizin

Our Practice

Our focus lies on the individualistic and holistic treatment of your child or adolescent. This means: We combine different perspectives to obtain a comprehensive picture. Our treatments include common diagnostic procedures as well as ECGs, blood tests, ultrasound methods and other laboratory tests.

Interdisciplinary Team & Network

Only a comprehensive examination of a child or adolescent can provide a holistic picture to approach the path of healing. Therefore we work interdisciplinary as a team and in a network of experienced specialists in pediatrics. The entire range of services is offered – consisting of: neonatology, general pediatrics, pediatric anesthesia, pediatric surgery, ultrasound, allergology, special pain therapy, physiotherapy and breastfeeding counselling.

Quick Appointments, No Waiting Times

Since we are a private practice and don’t depend on pay rates set by public insurers, we take as much time for your child as necessary. It is also possible for us to schedule ad hoc appointments quickly. This means: there are no or only minimal waiting times.