malacht Kinder- und Jugendmedizin

Dr. Christoph Klasen

Pediatrician, specialist in anesthetics and general intensive care

Dr. Gerlinde Zoder

Specialist in pediatrics; Focus: sonography (ultrasound)

Dr. Gerhard Pomberger

Specialist in pediatric and adolescent surgery; specialist in general surgery and visceral surgery; general practitioner

Dr. Nina Russo-Schlaff

Specialist in pediatrics; specializing in neonatology

Dr. Astrid Käfer

Specialist in pediatrics, neonatologist, specialist for newborn and premature babies, Lactation consultant, Specialist in diagnostics of lingual frenulum

Dr. Ursula Senoner-Frötscher

Specialist in trauma surgery and general medicine

Dr. Anton Dorner

Specialist in pediatrics

Dr. Clemens Mädel

Pediatrician, Specialist in Pediatric Pulmonology and Allergies; General Practitioner

Dr. med. dent. Alexandra Börner

Dentist; Focus: pediatric dentistry, implants and anxious patients

OMR Dr. Rainer Müller

Specialist in dental and oral medicine as well as orthodontics

Irene Retzl, MSc.

Physiotherapist: physiotherapy for babies, children and adolescents

Krista Wonka, BSc BEd

Osteopath and physiotherapist for children, adolescents and adults