malacht Kinder- und Jugendmedizin

Dr. Katharina Thom


Born in Germany, married, adult daughter.


Medical studies, approbation and dissertation at the Ludwig-Maximilians-
University in Munich, Germany .
Residency and fellowship at the University Hospital for Children-and Adolescent
Medicine, AKH Wien, Pediatrician Diploma.
Pediatric Cardiology Diploma and specialization in coagulation disorders.


Since 2003 at the Univ. Hospital for Children and Adolescent Medicine, Division of
Pediatric Cardiology/AKH Wien, staff physician, consulting service pediatric
Clinic for haemophilia and coagulation disorders at the Univ. Childrens
Hospital/AKH Vienna, consultant service for bleeding, thrombosis and further
coagulation problems for in- and outpatients and other hospitals
Scientific activities (coagulation disorders and pediatric cardiology and
anticoagulation), about 30 publications in peer-reviewed journals
Contribution to clinical trials (drug trials, epidemiological, industry, academic,
registry, cohort studies)
Fellowship at the Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto/Canada for pediatric
coagulation disorders and strokes
Internship at the Royal Childrens Hospital, Melbourne/Australia for ventricular assist
devices (artificial hearts) and anticoagulation management
Teaching of medical students (lectures, seminars) in hemophilia and coagulation
disorders and pediatric cardiology
Schoolphysician diploma