malacht Kinder- und Jugendmedizin

Dr. Gerlinde Zoder


Born in Vienna. Married. Mother of an adult daughter.


Studied medicine in Vienna graduating with doctorate. Training as a general practitioner at Wilhelminenspital. Training as a specialist in pediatrics. Additional certificate in pediatric intensive care. Specialization in: sonography (ultrasound) with a focus on neonatal intensive care. Dr. Zoder studied numerous times abroad as well as she intensively lectured and published articles.


In 1983, she was entrusted with setting up an ultrasound ambulance at the children’s clinic Glanzing. Former senior physician at the Children’s Clinic Glanzing. Long-term activity at the neonatal intensive care unit. Special interest: training of medical students and assistants in the field of sonography. Educator for pediatric sonography at ÖGUM (Austrian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine) and the Vienna Medical Association.