malacht Kinder- und Jugendmedizin

Irene Retzl, MSc.


Since 2002 specializing in physiotherapeutic movement analysis and the therapy of infants, toddlers and adolescents. Physiotherapy for babies with lag asymmetries, torticollis and developmental delays (e.g. learning to crawl or learning to walk).
Further specializations around the topic of feet and gait analysis for children: adaptation of child-orthotics, insoles for children’s shoes, physiotherapeutic treatment and accompaniment for congenital and/or acquired movement disorders such as plexus paresis, cerebral palsy, etc.
Additional training in neurophysiological treatment according to Bobath, gait analysis according to K. Götz-Neumann. MSc degree in neuro-rehabilitation at Danube University Krems (2014).


2007-2019 external lecturer of pediatric physiotherapy within the undergraduate training program of Physiotherapy at the FH campus Vienna. Since 2008 working as a freelance physiotherapist in Vienna.
Children’s Hospital AKH Vienna (2007), pediatric neuro-rehabilitation-center of the Children’s Hospital Zurich (2002-2006), St. Mauritius Therapy Clinic Düsseldorf/Meerbusch (2001).


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