malacht Kinder- und Jugendmedizin

Dr. Ursula Senoner-Frötscher


Studied at the University of Vienna, worked as rotation physician and was trained as specialist at the Protestant Hospital, St.Anna Children’s Hospital, Wilhelminenspital and KH St. Pölten.


Was working as a specialist at the Wilhelminenspital, KH Horn and Lorenz Böhler KH. Currently working as a consultant in the rehabilitation center Raxblick, school doctor.
Pain-free laser therapy for adults and children for poorly healing wounds, herpes simplex (cold sores), herpes zoster (shingles), inflammation of the musculoskeletal system (such as achillodynia and heel spurs), postoperative discomfort, scar treatment, phantom pain. Also, laser therapy that helps with injuries such as muscle fiber tears, strains, tendon sheaths and bursitis, as well as neuralgia, sinusitis, otitis and seromucotympanum.

Certified in neural therapy, pain therapy, infiltration therapy and tape-therapy.